Färgband Fargo HDP5000 PolyGuards 0.6mm Clear Overlaminate (250 print)

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Färgband – Ribbon – Retransfer till Kortskrivare och Plastkortskrivare

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Finns i lager - 2-4 vardagar

The Fargo 82600 PolyGuard 0.6mm Clear Overlaminate delivers an extra layer of protection to the plastic cards making it more resistant to general wears and tears. Improving the card’s durability reduces the need for constant replacement hence better savings for your customers in the long run.

  • 250 Overlaminate prints
  • Clear overlaminate film
  • 0.6mm thickness

Compatible with the Fargo HDP500, HDP8500 and DTC4500 card printers

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0.26 kg

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