Färgband Magicard MA300YMCKO Colour Ribbon (300 Prints)

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Färgband – Ribbon – Retransfer till Kortskrivare och Plastkortskrivare

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🟢 3 st i lager (du kan beställa fler)

The Magicard MA300YMCKO Colour Ribbon also know as “EN1 Ribbon” offers your customers 300 full-colour prints. This five-panel ribbon is great for businesses and organisations with small to medium demand for ID card printing. It comes with an overlay panel adding an additional layer of protection to each printed card.

  • 300 full-colour single-sided prints per roll
  • YMCKO ribbon (Yellow, Magenta, Cyan, Black and Overlay panels)
  • Manufacturer part number: MA300YMCKO

Compatible with the Magicard Pronto, Magicard Enduro, Magicard Rio Pro 360, Magicard Rio Pro and Magicard Rio Pro Duo card printers.

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