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Kortskrivare Matica MC660 Retransfer Printer (Dual-Sided)


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Not only does the Matica MC660 du an impressive print speed of up to 170 single-sided cards per hour, but it also has a 250 feeder so that bulk printing is effortless. The printer has a 600dpi which creates a higher resolution finish on printed cards, and the ability to print micro text. When pairing the micro text with the UV print that is optional on this printer, users can print cards with several security features making spotting forged cards more obvious.

Like other Matica printers, the MC660 is capable of printing to an array of card materials including; PVC, PET, polycarbonate and ABS.

  • High resolution at 600dpi
  • Prints up to 170 cards per hour
  • 3 Year printer warranty cover

Compatible Ribbons:

  • Matica PR000616 YMCK Colour Ribbon
  • Matica PR000617 YMCKK Colour Ribbon
  • Matica PR000612 YMCKUv Colour Ribbon
  • Matica PR000613 YMCKSc Colour Ribbon
  • Matica PR000619 Retransfer Film

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