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Kortskrivare Matica XID 8600 Retransfer Printer (Dual-Sided)


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The Matica XID 8600 is a micro retransfer printer with a 600dpi; this means it can print small, yet detailed text as small as 1.3pt. It can print up to 120 full colour, single-sided cards in just one hour, with an input hopper of 200 and output hopper that can hold 100 cards. The printer also has a flipper module as standard along with bend remedy to correct the bending of a card after retransfer.

  • Prints up to 120 cards per hour
  • 600dpi – capable of micro printing of 1.3.pt.
  • Three-year warranty

Compatible Ribbons:

  • Matica DIC10216 YMCK Colour Ribbon
  • Matica DIC10217 YMCK-K Colour Ribbon
  • Matica DIC10319 Retransfer Film
  • Matica PR000816 YMCK Colour Ribbon
  • Matica PR000817 YMCK-K Colour Ribbon
  • Matica PR000819 Retransfer Film

Manufacturer part number: PR000198

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8.00 kg

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