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Batteripaket för SIREN SR-740 Utomhus – Visonic

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Batteri SIREN 740 – Visonic K-305177 2-Pack MCS-740 PowerMax Siren Lithium Battery

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Finns i lager - 2-4 vardagar

Batteripaket för SIREN SR-740 Utomhus- Visonic

Observera att detta är batteri för siren SR-740.
Visonic utomhus larmsiren kommer försedd med två ER18505M litiumbatteripaket.
Denna modell är 3,5Ah och varar 2-3 år vid normal drift och är inte uppladdningsbar.
Sirenen måste ha 2 batteripaket installerade för att fungera.

Funktioner för batteriet:

Typ: EVE Lithium 18505 batteri, ER18505M
P/N: 103-304742, 2XER18505M
Spec: H 51mm x B 38mm x D 19mm. 50 mm kabelHär kan du läsa mer om visonic Data från Visonics hemsida om sirenen som batterierna passar till:PowerG Wireless Outdoor Siren

Siren SR-740 PG2 is a two-way wireless outdoor siren (IP55). It provides the perfect security solution for home owners with a PowerMaster wireless intrusion alarm system who are looking for an affordable and easy to install outdoor siren. It excels in offering cabling-free installation and optional extended time between battery changes.

Siren SR-740 PG2 uses Visonic’s ground-breaking PowerG technology, which combines several field-proven, advanced technologies and the highly reliable AES encryption method. The combination of technologies delivers an extended transmission range, far greater than the industry standard – enabling a very large distance between the siren and the control panel. It also provides an extended battery life that makes it easy and affordable to maintain.

The siren’s two-way, fully supervised communication with the control panel provides visual and audial notifications of intrusions, fire alarms, low battery and communication disruptions.

Siren SR-740 PG2 Features:

  • Sleek design and robust weatherproof housing (IP55) with high power strobe light
  • Differentiated alarm sounds for intrusion and fire
  • Loud 105 dBA Piezo siren @ 1 meter
  • Transmission range is far greater than the industry standard – enabling repeater-free installations even in large premises
  • Prolonged battery life (up to 8 years with typical use)
  • Battery type: Four 3.6V/3.5AH Lithium independent cells
  • Visible signal quality indication shown on the device
  • PowerG two-way Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum FHSS-TDMA technology – provides robustness and reliability closer than ever to wired systems
  • Employs the proven AES-128 (128 bit key) advanced encryption algorithm for correct message identification and protects the alarm system från code grabbing and other attacks
  • Continuously measures communication quality and automatically sets transmission power to the minimum required for reliable communication
  • Configured från the panel – no hardware switches and no need to re-open the siren once closed
  • Easy, cabling-free installation
  • Double tamper protection (wall and cover)
  • Choice of red, blue, orange or white (transparent) lens with large screen-print area for company logo and information
  • Compatible with PowerMaster intrusion alarm systems and PowerG receivers


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